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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lime Essential Oil Products..

Lime essential oil has some great natural properties...

Lime oil has a fruity and refreshing aroma and wonderful clean uplifting scent, with the power to uplift and re-energize. A favorite fruit both for its therapeutic value and taste. Lime essential oil  has been used as a remedy for indigestion, heartburn, and nausea. It also has cooling as well as in many beauty products, its astringic properties can  help clear oily skin and acne.  lime oil has a wonderfully uplifting scent, with the power to uplift and re-energize the spirit.

We have some wonderful natural product's centered around lime oil

Linen and Room Spray Cucumber and Lime £6.00

Our range of gentle linen sprays are an ideal way to revitalise clothes, beds towels or linen.
A fine mist to scent a room or linen with the fresh zesty aroma.



Our Natural Shaving Gift Set is suitable for normal to oily skin types and ideal to help eliminate dead surface skin-cell. Packed in a 100% Recycled Gift box.


A blend of pure plant oils - including soothing essential oils - Tea Tree, and Peppermint with lime in skin conditioning base of jojoba and apricot oil which help prevent skin irritation without clogging pores.



 Lime and Coconut Handmade Soap £5.00

Lime and Coconut - A refreshing and invigorating soap which is rich is lime oil and Coconut Pieces,a lush bar favoured by both male & female users.




As with all essential oils we do not recommend use during pregnancy. Can cause photosensitivity in strong sunshine and can irritate the skin

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Benefits of Aromatherapy and Massage

Did you know...?
The origins of Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils can be traced through the religious, medical and social practices of all the major civilisations. The Egyptians used candles and  incense for religious purposes, and oils and resins for embalming and preserving corpses.

The Greeks and Romans used aromatics widely in ceremonies and the oils played an important role in the rise in popularity of
bathing and massage.

Today we are still using essential oils and Aromatherapy, in natural skin care massage,bathing,facials and home fragrance.
Essential oils work in two main ways, as an ‘aroma’ through the respiratory system and by absorption through the skin
As well as the fantastic natural aroma from essential oils it can help with
  • Relaxation and stress 
  • Lift your Mood
  • Relief of minor discomforts
  • Boosting the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems
Aromatherapy is not a cure for illnesses but can be an effective alternative to alleviating many of the discomforts associated with them minor ailment.
All essential oils contain natural therapeutic properties such as aphrodisiac, antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal. Tea Tree a popular antifungal oil can help to enhance the protective function of the skin. Certain oils can such as Chamomile can calm and soothe the skin and others such as Lavender essential oil  help the skin cells to regenerate.
When using an Aromatherapy product the  essential oils used absorb into the skin and blood stream.  The advantages to massage/topical application of diluted essential oils is that they can go directly to the spot where you need them the may want to use a blend suitable for period pains by massaging in the tummy area,or if you have aching muscles into the sight of discomfort.

Did you know...that Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of medical care used to ease pain and anxiety and promote good health.

Massage is the kneading and stroking of the body's soft tissues the skin and muscles
with varying degrees of pressure, and is incorporated in a number of traditional health systems such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.
Practitioners of modern complementary therapies like aromatherapy and reflexology use various massage techniques.

What does it do?

Gentle massage affects the nervous system through nerve endings in the skin, stimulating the release of endorphins, the body's natural 'feel good' chemicals, to help induce relaxation and a sense of well-being, to relieve pain and reduce levels of stress chemicals such as cortisol and noradrenaline.
It helps reverse the damaging effects of stress by slowing heart rate, respiration and metabolism and lowering raised blood pressure.

Stronger massage stimulates blood circulation to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues and helps the lymphatic system to flush away waste products. It eases tense and knotted muscles and stiff joints, improving mobility and flexibility and circualtion
The most common massage techniques include effleurage, a light, firm and gentle stroking; petrissage, firm kneading and rolling of the tissues; frottage, or friction, deep direct pressure to release muscle tension; tapotement, hacking, tapping and clapping over the muscles and fleshy parts of the body.

It is easy to think about the sensual pleasure of getting a massage. We think about how nice and relaxed or pampered we will feel, or how it will help us feel rejuvenated.
Many people neglect to think about the deeper psychological benefits of getting a professional massage on a regular basis.
Rates of psychological illness continue to increase.
Presently, more people from Western nations will experience depression at some time in their life.
But there are definitely ways to alleviate this problem, and they all start with taking care of ourselves properly.
One of the best ways we can do that is by regularly treating ourselves to the "luxury" of a massage,even if this is done by a professional or a loved one using quality massage blends designed for certain syptoms or conditions.
Not only because it is relaxing and nice to feel treated, but also because of the profound health benefits you will receive.

Regular massage therapy dramatically decreases depressive episodes? It also decreases feelings of anxiety and nervousness, and help to alleviate the types of symptoms that anxiety can bring about.
People who receive regular massages also sleep better.... better sleep is associated with better mental health and better overall cognitive functioning. The better you sleep, the better you are able to learn new things .
You'll experience improved concentration and higher energy levels.

At we have a great range of essential oil and Aromatherapy Massage and bathing oils that will suit all moods and lift this spirits.

My Skin and Essential Oils

Know Your Skin Type 

Our Skin is a living organism that is constantly under threat and being damaged by ever changing environments. Throughout our lifetime our skin type will change, and react to certain factors, such as chemical use, using artifical and synthetic oils, diet, life style, weather , artificial lighting ,sun damage, pregnancy and of course age.
Your skin can even change between season , this is usually obvious as we change from summer to autumn/winter as we crank up heating .Your skin can also without warning become sensitive at any time,to certain products or materials you have used without problem in the past. 

Did You Know...? that up to 60% of what you apply on the skin can be absorbed.
We are now all aware of what we eat and the effects it has on our everyday lives, so we now  need to think about natural skin care products too. The skin is the largest body organ ,which is why we recommend you try using natural SLS free Shower gels & Handwash products.
Men and Women are now using over 15 skin care products daily. Using Paraben free creams & lotions,Cold Pressed oils  limits the amount of artificial & toxic chemicals your skin absorbs. Start today buy trying our paraben and glycol free creams

To identify what is best for this delicate organ you must know your skin type and use the correct oils.

Skin types usually fall into these categories:

    * Dry
    * Oily
    * Combination (a combination of dry and oily)
    * Sensitive
    * Problem
    * Dehydrated (not to be confused with dry)
    * Mature.or aging

Dry Skin: will feel tight and some times sore , is can be  prone to fine lines,and will age quicker.Some dry skin can become flaky and can irritate causing a burning sensation.

Oily Skin - Oily skin usually appear oily or greasy and will usually show signs of larger or open pores.Can be prone to spots and black heads and may have previously suffered with acne,however oily skin does age slower than other skin types.

Combination skin - Combination skin is a skin which has a two types - an area where the skin appears and feels very greasy and another area that can be dry,this is usually the T zone forehead nose and chin is oily and the checks are drier.Did you know..that if you have combination skin it can be beneficial to use make up for oily skin on T-zone and use make up for dry skin on outer area.

Dehydrated skin - is not the same as dry skin,dehydrated is skin that appears creased sore and sometimes flaky,it can effect all skin types and is usually is a result of too much sun,environmental damage,and too much alcohol!

Sensitive Skin - can be anything from skin that is very sore to dry problems to skin that reacts badly to certain chemicals,allergens or solutions.It an flare up under stress and sometimes is associated with skin complaints such as eczema.

Mature and aging skin - We will eventually all experience this type of skin.Fine lines appear around eye,mouth and forehead.Many factor speed up the process including sun damage sun beds smoking and diet,so to avoid the worse look after your skin before its too late.

All the above does not just apply to face but other parts of the skin such as neck,chest and hands.

Which oils should you use.

Dry.. Try
 Essential oil of chamomile, lavender essential oil , geranium, rose, neroli, ylang ylang, jasmine and frankincense  
 Cold pressed carrier oils - sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, wheatgerm, evening primrose, borage, apricot and peach,melon seed oil

Essential oils of - lavender, geranium, cedarwood, bergamot, tea tree, cypress, juniper berry, palmarosa, myrtle, mandarin, petitgrain, niaouli.  
Cold pressed carrier oils - jojoba, grapeseed, sweet almond,rosehip carrot seed infused oil,calendula, 

 Combination... Try 
 Essential oils of  - lavender and geranium, palmarosa, chamomile, rose,neroli, mandarin, petitgrain and frankincense;
Cold pressed carrier oils sweet almond,argan,jojoba, apricot kernel and evening primrose oil,macadamia nut oil,hazel nut oil,rosehip seed oil
 Problem Skin Try... 
 Essential oils of - lavender, geranium, chamomile, tea tree, palmarosa, mandarin, bergamot, cedarwood, cypress and juniper berry;
Cold pressed carrier oils - jojoba, grapeseed, sweet almond,hemp seed oil,neem oil, and carrot-seed oil,calendula,rosehip 

 Sensitive Try.. 
 Essential oils of-  lavender, geranium, rose,neroli, mandarin, petitgrain and frankincense; 
Cold pressed carrier oils - sweet almond, jojoba, calendula,avocado oil,hemp seed oil, evening primrose oil.

Dehydrated Try 
 Essential oils of  - chamomile, lavender, geranium, rose, jasmine, and frankincense; 

 Cold pressed  carrier oils - sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, rosehi,borage,wheatgerm, evening primrose, borage, apricot and peach kernel oils 

 Essential oils - chamomile, lavender, geranium, tea tree patchouli, palmarosa, rosewood, sandalwood, frankincense and rose; 
Cold pressed carrier oils - argan,sweet almond, jojoba, avocado, wheatgerm, borage seed oil,macadamia,baboa,plum evening primrose,rosehip seed oil, borage, apricot and peach kernel oils 

At you can find a range of essential oil skin care for most skin types.

Essential Oil Safety

The information contained throughout our website is for general information purposes only.

Products sold are for symptomatic relief only, and are not to be used or considered as a cure or in place of any current medication you have been prescribed by your GP.

Always check suitability of any product before using if you have a medical condition, or taking any prescription medications, pregnant or breast feeding. Please read all product usage and safety instructions thoroughly.  

Diabetics should be advised to check with health professional before using any products of feet.

You should not use the information found throughout our website for diagnosing or treating a health problem or condition. You should always speak with your GP or other healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement.

Always apply a test patch on skin before applying any oil,cream or lotion
...even if you have used the product in the past.

NEVER apply undiluted essential oils directly to the skin except in an emergency; for example to cuts, burns or insect bites,and this only applies to certain essential oils.A single drop of undiluted Lavender, Tea Tree or Chamomile Roman oil can be used to soothe and protect from infection - but you should only apply them neat once or twice.
Some individuals can become sensitised to neat Tea Tree oil if it is applied repeatedly.
Undiluted essential oils should be kept away from the eye areas.Keep essential oils out of reach of unattended children, pets.And avoid contact with clothes and polished surfaces.
And never, ever, use undiluted oils on children under the age of 3..

If you are pregnant you must seek the advice of your doctor, midwife or aromatherapist before using any essential oils. Once your doctor has given their approval they should be used only after the first trimester, and then at only a 1% concentrationon, half the normal strength. It is also a good idea to seek the advice of your supplier or qualified aromatherapist to ensure that the essential oils you want to use are not contraindicated during pregnancy.
Essential oils best avoided throughout your pregnancy include
 • Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) 
• Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis)
• Sage (Salvia officinalis)
• Savin oil (Juniperus sabina) -

Essential oils should be used at a fraction of the usual concentration, and the correct procedure is to calculate the amount of essential oil to be used by the body-weight of the infant:
• 1 to 2 stones - 1 drop of essential oil
• 2 to 4 stones - 2 or 3 drops of essential oil
• 4 to 6 stones - 4 or 5 drops of essential oil

Adult dosage

Normal recommendations for dilutions of essential oils
You can use up to 5 different essential oils (but up to 3 is ideal when home blending)Add up to 5 drops to 10ml of carrier oil,base cream or lotion,2-3 drops if skin is sensitive.
When bathing use 3-5 drops and agitate water well before entering bath water.
Only ever use 2-3 drops of any citrus oil for bathin

Some essential oils are mild lphoto sensitisingng and should be either avoided or really used at a low level prior to sunbathing or using a sunbed,and it is recommended that you avoid direct sunlight or sunbeds  for up to 6 hours after use.
• Angelica root oil (Angelica archangelica)
 • Bergamot oil expressed (Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia)
• Bitter Orange oil (Citrus aurantium)
• Cumin oil (Cuminum cyminum)
• Lemon oil cold pressed (Citrus limonum)
• Lime oil expressed (Citrus aurantifolia)
• Tagette oil (Tagetes minuta) Irritants
 Some essential oils can irritate the skin if used in too high a concentration or for a long period of time. The essential oils below represent the most commonly known among this group.
 • Bay Leaf oil (Pimenta racemosa)
• Cinnamon bark oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
• Clove oils (stem, leaf, bud) Syzygium aromaticum
• Litsea Cubeba aka May Chang oil (Litsea cubeba)
• Origanum oil (Origanum vulgar)
• Tagette oil (Tagetes minuta)
• Thyme white and red oil (Thymus vulgaris)
• Use no more than 3 or 4 drops of citrus oils in the bath since some may irritate sensitive skin.
Some essential oils should not be used in aromatherapy due to the danger of toxicity, severe irritation, sensitisation or other serious health risk. Most responsible aromatherapy suppliers do not offer such oils, but those listed below do find their way onto the market(especially at very low prices on market places) and should only ever be used by those have undergone the necessary specialist training.
• Parsley herb oil (Petroselenium crispum)
 • Pennyroyal oil (Mentha pulegium) • Savin oil (Juniperus sabina) • Tansy oil (Tanacetum vulgare)
 • Wintergreen oil (Gaultheria procumbens)
 • Wormwood oil (Artemisia absinthium)


Anyone who has history of epilepsy should avoid the essential oils below.and caution should be taken when using other essential oils,always check with your GP or health professional if you are unsure if any oil suitability.
  • Eucalyptus
  • Fennel
  • Hyssop
  • Pennyroyal 
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
Other medical complaints.
Hypertension (High Blood pressure)
Although essential oil and massage can help lower blood pressure there are some oils that should NOT be used.
  • Hyssop
  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Sage
  • Thyme

Many essential oils are flammable, so never use or put your bottles of essential oil near a naked flame, fire, or any source of ignition.
If you are in any doubt always ask the aromatherapist or retailer you are purchasing from a bit more about the oil, for your own safety always ensure that you are not purchasing diluted or adulterated essential oils. Never be afraid to sk them what they base their claims on, and their experience.. an experienced aromatherapist will be able to answer your questions clearly and with knowledge, and if any oil is unlikely to help or  is not suitable…a good aromatherapist wont pressure you to buy it ! 
 If you are unsure of any product or need further advice please feel free to contact us.
 The information contained throughout our listings is for general information purposes only.

All our products sold are for symptomatic relief only, and are not to be used or considered as a cure or in place of any current orthodox medication you have been prescribed by your GP.
It is advised that you always check suitability of any product before using any of our essential oil products if you have a medical condition, are taking any prescription medications pregnant or could be pregnant orbreast feeding.
Please read all product usage and safety instructions thoroughly.

You should not use the information found throughout our listings for diagnosing or treating a health problem or condition.

Always apply a test patch on skin before applying any oil.


Aromadermatology. Aromatherapy in the treatment and care of common skin conditions'. 2006, Oxford, Radcliffe Publishing.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Argan Oil cold pressed Oil

Buy Argan Oil from
Argan Oil contains  anti-aging and restructuring properties coupled with a high Vitamin E content which make it a wonderful skin and hair care product. 
Cosmetic argan oil stimulates the blood circulation,it hydrates and revitalise the skin. Often found in expensive skin care. It helps to moisturise your skin, can help repair and strengthen nails and soften cuticle.
Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree,native to Morocco, that is valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. Argan Oil is one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small and very specific area of the world that the tree grows in. It is rich in essential fatty acids,making it an ideal oil for use in cosmetic and natural skin care. One of the main properties of argan oil is omega-6 which when used effectively can contribute to the barrier function of the skin.
There are many uses for argan oil in skin care

  • Argan oil can help treat acne, treating eczema and other skin problems
  • Helps in preventing stretch marks.
  • Argan oil can be used alone as a general luxury massage oil for it deep nourishing properties.
  • Rich skin nutrition for dry sun damaged skin
  • Massaging into the joints to treat mild rheumatism.
  • Healing scars
  • A gentle safe Massage oil for babies and infants
  • Hydrates hair and scalp encouraging a  smoother, softer feel to the hair. 
Argan Oil Facial

20ml Argan Oil
30ml Kukui Nut  Oil
15ml Rosehip Seed Oil
3ml Vitamin E Oil (undiluted)
10-12 drops Essential Oils (optional of choice)


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Christmas Fragrance Gift Ideas

New and now available at

Natural Fragranced Product's at low prices...can make wonderful gift ideas this Christmas

A small gift idea that is an alternative to burning ritual incense or charcoal.Decorated with cut out starts to allow the burning fragrance to escape. Hang on its chains from the central loop for space-saving.

Incense Cones 20 pk - Slow Burning Cones £2.00 A selection of great popular fragrances

Brass Cone Holder Small and compact - idea size at 60mm to discretely burn your fragrance cones.With cut out shape to allow the aroma of your favourite fragrance to escape around the home.
Measures 60mm...making it a novel gift idea for under £5.00

Try Our Classic Christmas - vanilla with hints of clove and orange in a base of brown sugar.
A rich strong scent

Massage & Bath Oil Gift Set

Back In Stock
Our Massage Oil Gift Set has three wonderful pre-blended essential oil  massage & bath oils, carefully handblended to bring you a trio of combinations to suit all moods.
Our pre-blended massage oils are created using a skin loving base with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.


Each set contains:

  • Our Touch massage oil blend is perfectly balanced using five wonderful essential oils of bergamot (FCF), cedarwood atlas, clary sage, jasmine & Ylang Ylang in a premium base leaving skin soft and conditioned,with a combination of selected essential oils intended to enhance your massage experience the natural way.
  • Our Rest massage oil blend is created using quality essential oils of Lavender essential oil , cypress, petitgrain & neroli in a premium base leaving skin soft and conditioned.
  • Erotic Massage oil that Contains the very best essential oils for moments of pleasure & Romance. Mandarin an essential oil which has a wonderful sweet citrus fragrance which imparts a positive, energising effect along with Ylang Ylang, a wonderful exotic fragrance. Finished with a touch of Jasmine for its ability to relax the mind and soul,and a spot of Black Pepper known for its aphrodisiac qualities 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bundles Of Argan Oil & Rosehip Seed Oil

A trio of natural skin care products for Ageing and damaged skin that has some of the finest pure essential & Absolute oils .
What you get!...

Rose Oil Cream A wonderful light day cream that is a must for dry or mature skin.Blended in a paraben free base using  the finest Rose absolute oil that is well-known to lift,replenish and nourish skin that is in need of TLC.  30ml
Luxury Facial Oil A luxurious blend designed to help with mature & damaged skin. Combining a seductive blend of precious oils known for their rehydrating and stimulating qualities, this deeply moisturising oil brings life and vitality to skin. - with an excellent natural source of vitamins, essential in the formation of collagen. 50ml
Rosehip seed oil Organic Rich Source of Natural Vitamin E 30ml

or try 

Friday, 29 July 2011

Cold Pressed Oils - Fantastic Quality - Great Prices!

At Belenos Therapy we are committed to offering the very best quality cold pressed oils,Whether the oil is sourced from the UK or abroad they are always supplied from organic and sustainable sources. From supplier to bottle.Cold pressed from the seeds, nuts & fruits, each with its own unique properties to provide your skin with maximum nourishment.

This summer we are able to offer you some of the best quality oil at the lowest prices...but not compromising on quality. All our cold pressed oils are still of the therapeutic grade you would expect from Belenos Therapy. Working direct with out supplier enables us to know exactly where our oils are farmed and produced. Whether its abroad or in the UK - we know we are purchasing the finest purest cold pressed oils for cosmetic purpose. Some of our oils are fairly traded this means that the purchase of some oils Supports a project which helps to support the communities in Ghana that has gained NOP Organic and EU certification. Each Project helps ensure fair prices, good working conditions, sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers. (If you require further info regarding this project please email )

There is so much you can do with a fruit, nut or vegetable oils to keep your skin in tip top condition . We have written about the benefits so many time and many of our repeat customers are now realising that this is true and keep coming back for more!

Cold pressed oils can be used as general everyday moisturiser. Safe and gentle for the most sensitive skins.


A method of mechanical extraction where heat is reduced and minimized throughout the batching of the raw material. This helps the oil maintain its original state, constituents, and depth. Temperatures are rigorously controlled to ensure that it does not exceed 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Try Tamanu Oil
- which can help with various problems of the hair and scalp; it is also beneficial for eczema, psoriasis and facial neuralgia,reduce the chance of stretch marks,help with scars,and is effective for shingles

Rosehip Seed Oil - An amazing product, which has only recently become recognized by the general public. This surge in popularity is for a good reason, as it is believed to be the best oil available for anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation.Rosehip seed oil is considered a “dry” oil, meaning that it soaks into the skin easily, and does not leave a greasy residue.

Hemp Seed Oil - A rich, green oil possessing a high percentage of omega oils & fatty acids, essential for maintaining healthy skin.Hemp seeds contain the highest source of essential fatty acids in the plant kingdom. These fatty acids include 55% linoleic acid & 25% llinolenic acid - responsible for healthy glowing skin & hair.hemp seed oil that is used for cosmetics and skin care products has a high amount of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenicbalance dry skin acids), which makes it an important ingredient in anti-inflammatory skin care formulations.For this reason it is beneficial, as it helps to heal skin lesions, and fight skin inflammations. It is a non-greasy, emollient and moisturizing compound with excellent anti-aging and moisture balancing properties.

If you would like more info or help with any of our cold pressed oils email our trained therapist and receive a full consultation.

Friday, 15 July 2011

So much going on...

I have a to-do list as long as my arm and right now...and it keeps getting longer...just when you think you have sorted your face book page - managed to tweet daily- posted enough blogs - here comes another - a google +1 ..more info  basically if you like what you see - give it your stamp approval.

The past couple of weeks we have showcased some amazing offers at - we launched our new luxury bath milk and bath bombs and we ran a free offer on our reed diffuser refills - ..big thank you to all those who purchased during this time,especially all our new likers at face book who are a very loyal bunch!

The feedback on our reed diffusers is pretty amazing - we never imagined that when we started to hand blend and mix these ourselves that they would be such a success  ..Its been almost 4 years and I think its safe to say the combinations we have are just right,and its hard to believe that in mid July we are preparing our Christmas stocks. The next step for our reed diffusers is  larger scale manufacture,its hard work,costly complex and time consuming ,but talks are on going,and hopefully by  December we sould get some news and of course we will share this with you..But right now you can get a MASSIVE 20% OFF ALL OUR REFILLS

We have also managed to secure some of the best offers available from our supplier of cold pressed oils.This will allow us to offer almost 10% - 20% less on our oils. Quality has not been compromised and they are the very best natural vegetable and fruit oils out there..The new price structure will be phased in over the next 4-6 weeks.This could not have come at a better time...some really amazing prices of Morning Oil,Pomegranate seed oil an of course our top seller argan oil.

Essential Oils - During difficult financial times many small businesses have ceased trading - which is a shame for the aromatherapy industry. From time to time large amounts of bankrupt stock is sold on...unfortunately this has lead to an increase of essential oils that are old rancid out of date re-packaged and could be dangerous.
Is frankincense really less than £2.00???..
If you are buying essential oils online,car boot sale or market please please take care.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

July - Time to pamper

Whats been keeping us busy??
July sees the launch of some wonderful new bathing and shower products.
As always centered around the wonderful properties found in essential oils (Don't forget we never use synthetic or artificial oils)...

For morning freshness we have a A-mazing new shower gel - CITRUS SPLASH, a wonderful way to start the morning,especially if like me you feel a little sluggish from time to time. A mix of  refreshing and balancing Geranium and zesty sharp Lemon & Lime. A perfect balance for a perfect shower experience. Suitable for all skin types. 250ml Supplied at a great price of £7.00 Inc Delivery.

For kitchen hands or for those who spend too much time getting down in the dirt we have a fresh aromatic herbal hand wash.
An essential oil liquid soap that will help clean and nourish your hands, leaving them feeling clean and soft. Using 3 popular garden herbs in a skin loving base that help deodorize any nasty niff's and lift dirt. Soothing Lavender, calming Marjoram & fresh anti-bacterial peppermint essential oil...lovely
Liquid soaps are becoming very the future we might increase our lets us know your thoughts of hand washes and Liquid soaps v handmade soaps.

For a relaxing evening soak we have 2 new varieties of Bath Bombs and Bath Milk
Its been a awhile since we stocked bath bombs - but we wanted to make sure that we got the right mix the right quality and of course the right price.

Our first bath Bomb is our Midsummer night bath bomb.A truly luxury combination of pure essential oils and absolutes that make this bath treat an indulgence that can only be described as a dreamy escape  full of the magical fragrance of Jasmine,exotic Ylang Ylang with hints of summer fresh Bergamot.
Then we have  Sunshine after Rain Bath Bomb. Time to lay back and relax and allow the citrus burst from Sweet Orange & Mandarin take you far away to the sunny climate of the Mediterranean.A sweet naturally fragranced bath treat with hints of fresh & restoring Juniper berry.
If that's not enough for you we have 2 new bath Milks.
Super skin loving milk created using a coconut base and free from SLS and Parabens.We have our New Sonnet soak that has been tried and tested and the feedback we received used words such as Bliss,Wonderful,Creamy and left the users wanting more (excellent news for us) A blend that that allows  you to think more clearly,bringing peace & harmony. Made with the wonderful essential oil of Frankincense & Rose in a coconut oil base that deeply nourishes the skin and leaving it feeling like silk!

For those wanting an unfragranced milk then try or natural blend - we have left out the essential oils in this one!

Come Christmas we will be offering the bath bombs and bath milks in sets so thats something to pop back for at a later date.

Some more news...we now have a page dedicated to special offers - an easy way to find what reductions and avaiblabe.
Our price drop weekend will be back again shortly and for those wanting extra discount codes don't forget to visit us at twitter & Facebook

So thats whats been keeping us busy..finding the right natural skin care products just for  you... <3

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Reed Diffuser Collection

Many of you have been in touch asking us when our Reed Diffusers will be back in stock.

We have news..Our reed diffuser refills have had a bit of a make over and there are 2 new fragrances added, as well as a new improved formula that allows the fragrance to last that little bit longer We now have Chocolate Lime & Cranberry Crush. Our popular Coffee Bean and Cinnamon is now available in a 100ml size.
And you  can now find some of our reed diffuser refills on etsy and when the complete sets are finished they will feature there too.

We don't want to give away too much yet - but our new reed diffuser completes are better than ever.There are colurs to suit everyone & aromas for all tastes.

We have taken a variety of fragrances that we know are popular and put them together to create something special. We will continue with the standard 100ml,which will include Raspberry & Nectarine,Lemongrass Lime & Aloe Vera ,the best seller French Vanilla & Black orchid and we will be keeping the Rose Bloom.

Looking ahead to Christmas we will only Feature 3 types of fragrance this year and they will be limited - but again we have combined the most popular choice's of 2010

If you want a sneaky peek at what you can expect join our news letter and be the first to find out.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Raw & Natural Butters Are Back...

Great News

Our raw and natural butters are now back in stock plus a fantastic new product 'Shea Butter Oil' (more about that later) We only stock Premium quality butters, which can be added to creams, lotions & massage oils. Natural Butters high in moisturising, protecting & healing properties .Use alone as a really fab moisturises. 

We have 3 cocoa butters on sale.
 The most popular - cocoa butter (food grade) which is widely available and favoured by those who make bath products such as melts and scrubs.

Then we have a Cocoa Virgin Butter which s cream in colour slightly darker than the usual cocoa butter and a little harder. Cold Pressed from the cocoa bean so you really do get a rich chocolate aroma.

Our Raw Dark Cocoa is heavenly...a strong rich cocoa butter - creamy rich dark and makes wonderful lip balms and butters. This particular butter can be found in our New Vanilla & Chocolate Massage & Bath Oil.
Cocoa butter is the perfect raw ingredient for those who wish to create a chocolate aroma product without using those nasty synthetic fragrances.

We now have Mango Butter back in stock
An exotic cold pressed soft butter with a melting point of 40-45°C that is gently refined and makes a wonderful rich moisturizer.
Loved in the beauty industry for its excellent softening and regenerative properties.  It is thought to be protective against UV rays. (although we do not recommend using as a sun screen) and has healing properties, soothes dry skin and blends well with Shea Butter to make a body butter.
Mango butter can help to reduce the degeneration of the skins cells and help to restore elasticity, and leave the skin looking radiant and only £4.95 for 100g.

Of course we could not bring back our raw butters and clays without offering everyone favourite
No refining
No bleach
Just Good honest Shea butter straight from the  fruit of the Shea Butter Tree  and whats more its Fairly Traded  - which  Supports a project which helps to support the communities in Ghana and it has gained NOP Organic and EU certification.Each Project helps ensure fair prices, good working conditions, sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Belenos Therapy News: How to make your own essential oil facial

Belenos Therapy News: How to make your own essential oil facial: "Make your own Facials & Serums Facial serums & Oils can give the skin added moisture and boost the appearance of sluggish skin. Serums a..."

Thursday, 14 April 2011

African Black Soap..Try it for only £4.80 Inc P&P

Ghanaian Black Soap is highly sought after and has been prized for centuries for its natural healing properties of various skin conditions.
There are no chemicals, preservatives, colour enhancers added to the recipe. The black colour of the soap is developed as a result of the saponification process, which it undergoes. It is completely free from black dyes & charcoal.
Uses of African Black Soap:

  • Used on most skin types including rough and dry
  • Helps clear skin of bumps & spots
  • Helps reveal radiant, fresh & healthy skin
  • Helps relieve acne, oily skin & other skin problems
  • Effective for removing make-up
  • Helps against premature facial lines
  • Showering , Bathing and Washing (hair,face & feet)
Due to the nature of the process of producing African black soap there maybe small amounts of bark & grit
in our soap - however this does alter the benefits of African Black soap in anyway

  • Black Soap or African Black Soap comes from plantain skin. It is a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron.
  • The skin of the plantain is dried to a precise texture under the hot African sun. Its then roasted in a clay oven. The heat must be constant in order to achieve a particular color, texture & smell. In some recipes, Cocoa Pod is used instead of plantain skins

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How to make your own essential oil facial

Make your own Facials & Serums

Facial serums & Oils can give the skin added moisture and  boost the appearance of sluggish skin. Serums and oils are perfect when you need nutrients to reach deeper layers of your skin that a regular moisturizer is not able to reach.  You can apply the serum after your toner and before your moisturizer,but in some cases a moisturizer is not needed as there is plenty of  natural concentrated ingredients present to regenerate and moisturize
Making a simple yet effective facial oil is pretty straight forward. And the benefits on the skin are just as good as those you get from expensive products..and you get the added benefit of known exactly whats in your oil and how much!
The most important factor is that you understand your skin type before you start,this will ensure you get the right essential oil properties for your skin type...dont forget you skin type can change at any time,especially as the seasons change.

You should base your essential oil blend/recipes on one of four skin profiles; normal or combination skin; dry or mature skin; sensitive skin; oily or problem skin - check out our easy guide for more details.

I really believe its always best to use essential oils rather than the alternative harsh chemical synthetic oils that are  used in most mainstream cosmetic and skin care products Essential oils contain their very own natural  vitamins, and other natural elements . Even though the oils vary in concentration when in their natural form they are therapeutic in nature- synthetic oils can strip the skin of its natural oil,can make the skin irritate,sore and can damage the skin when used over a long period of time.
 Of course you dont always need essential oils to give your skin an boost or a deeply moisturing facial.
You can use 1 or more wonderful cold pressed oils.

Here is a fantastic Luxury Facial Oil using Cold pressed oils for Dry Skin
20ml Apricot Oil
10ml Olive Oil
10ml Plum Kernel Oil

Massage into skin day and night for a deeply moisturing treatment.

Here is a basic Facial Oil for Oily  to Normal Skins using essential oils

4 drops Lavender
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Ylang Ylnag
20ml Macadamia Oil
10ml Carrot Tissue Oil

Use in the same way as you would a daily moisturiser cream.
Avoid using Fractionated Coconut oil on the face as it can irritate the skin.
Some important points to remember.

Some essential oils are Photo toxicity, (photo sensitivity) being more responsive to light,
Sun sensitivity (photo toxicity) or otherwise also known as photosensitization occurs when certain essential oils, are used and they cause the skin to be more sensitive to sunlight (ultra violet - UV - light) and skin would therefore burn and damage more easily.
The main culprits causing photo toxicity are the oils from the citrus family
So avoid citrus oils when making your own leave on skin product.
Here is a list of those we recommend you avoid

  • Caraway

  • Citronella 

  • Cumin

  • Ginger  

  • Bergamot (Unless it is bergaptene-free oil )

  • Orange

  • Grapefruit

  • Lime

  • Lemon

  • See our essential oil safety for more details

    Always apply a test patch on skin before applying any oil,cream or lotion ...even if you have used the product in the past.
    NEVER apply undiluted essential oils directly to the skin except in an emergency; for example to cuts, burns or insect bites,and this only applies to certain essential oils.A single drop of undiluted Lavender, Tea Tree or Chamomile Roman oil can be used to soothe and protect from infection - but you should only apply them neat once or twice.

    Friday, 25 February 2011

    The wonders of Shea Butter

    There is much written on the benefits of Shea butter..and I'm pleased that what is written is True,

    You really cant get a better natural moisturizer for your skin.
    Rich in Vitamin A & E which balances and normalizes the skin. Particularly beneficial for damaged dry or sun-exposed skin. Vitamin A has soothing and hydrating properties, which helps provide the skin with collagen which prevents premature wrinkles (Excellent) premature facial lines (Wonderful) and premature slackened skin. (Perfect)
    Vitamin F will acts as a skin protector and revitalize the skin. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin (ideal for builders & gardeners hands) and can help dry or damaged hair. (ideal when too much heat or chemical products have been used)...and it does not clog pores or block hair shaft..brilliant!
    (Don't forget it applying to hair which is fine - rinse well)

    Most of our skin care range is centered around Shea butter - because it really is the best natural moisturizer and balm..try our Shea Body Butter with Vanilla or Chocolate extracts (Don't forget - may smell good enough to eat - please don't!)
    This month sees the return of our Body butters which are hand blended using the finest Fair trade she butter,coconut oil and cocoa butter.
    Much has stayed the same in terms of its ingredients however the amount supplied ranges from 120ml to 250ml and the packaging is altered slightly.

    Choose from
    Unrefined and unscented No refining or bleaching! High in many fatty acids, which are needed to keep skins moisture and elasticity.

    Neroli & Rose - Deeply moisturising for dry skin and sensitive skin.

    and NEW Shea Butter with Hemp - A  skin firming body butter that contains shea butter and hemp which is rich in omega 3 and 6 which can help improve the suppleness of the skin. Hand made with added Frankincense and Rose essential oil this butter has excellent healing and regenerative properties.

    Friday, 11 February 2011

    Please Help..we know you can

    In the past Belenos therapy has often run auctions of charity sales where the final value of the sale has been donated to charity - and we have always been amazed at the generosity the shoppers of Britain show towards good causes even in times of austerity.

    We are asking for your help & support once more and we know you wont disappoint.,especially when we ask you to support Daniel & Michala who have been working hard over the past 6 months to be fit and ready to take part in the London Marathon 2011...sacrifies have been made and I know it was particularly difficult for Michala to resist her beloved chocolates and sweets during the festive period,but in the end they both were inspired and spurred on by the great work that their chosen charity 'The Princess Royal Trust does with young carer's.

    Please take some time to read what has inspired Dan & Michala....while we add some featured products that will donate 10% to this much deserved cause..

    Hello everyone!
    We are running the London Marathon 2011 for the Princess Royal Trust for Carers. Please take a few minutes to read about the amazing work they do for Carers especially YOUNG Carers:
    ...A young Carer is a child or young person under the age of 18 carrying out significant caring tasks and assuming a level of responsibility for another person, which would normally be taken by an adult.
    There are six million people in the UK looking after a loved-one who is sick, disabled or suffering from a mental health problem - some as young as five years old!!!!! (Can you imagine having to look after a parent at that age or if you have children - having them looking after you every day!!)
    What Carers have in common is the selflessness to put their family member needs before their own, but they face an on-going life of isolation, ill-health and poverty.
    The Princess Royal Trust for Carers has been fighting to provide Carers with the support they so desperately need.

    • There are 175,000 Young Carers in the UK.
    • 50,000 children and young people in the UK look after someone with a mental health problem.
    • 28% of Young Carers have serious problems in secondary school.
    • 68% of Young Carers are bullied in school.
    • Nearly half of Young Carers questioned said there was not a single teacher at their school who knew they were a Young Carer.