Belenos Therapy

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Romance will never be dead with..

Rich and luxurious potions in a skin loving base of wheatgerm soya bean oil & jojoba   

All oil sets are designed for male & female use and are the natural way to uplift your mood & stimulate your senses.  

Our quality massage blends are the natural way to uplift your mood & stimulate your senses.
You will receive the following 100ml oils presented in a natural recycled box,gift tagged with a message'sent with love'..but can display any message of your choice.

New For 2011..

We have some new and wonderful creams and body oils to introduce this year.
As always we made sure that they are free from parabens, glycols mineral oils and artificial fragrances (uck!)  ..then we made sure they contained just the right balanced amount of Jojoba & Coconut oil and Pure essential oils.

Throughout 2010 the most common request was to purchases massage oils & creams in boxes,so we listened and all our massage oils are now presented in re-cycled  boxes.They also come tied with ribbon and gift tagged...perfect!
Pop over to and browse through the new range that is on offer - lie always all blends are suitable for male and female use and smell divine - Did I mention our new Rose Otto Range


100% Pure Essential Oils Are Back...

Our 100% Therapeutic Pure Essential Oil range is back..
After many many emails from our regular customers pleading with us to launch them again we took the decision to do just that.... this time they are back better than ever.
We source our oils from the very best suppliers,and purity and quality is very important to use,we promote the use of Theraputic Essential oil and the great benefits of Aromatherapy .
Every oil now carries a label with ALL the information you need to use your oils safely.The normal and usual information regarding Origin & Batch are listed but each oil will also include skin suitability,a complete chemical breakdown and the maximum use in blends..some will also include handy tips and advice.
We are also committed to ensuring that all our oils are the very best - our training and practicing in Aromatherapy enables us to sniff out any adulterated essential oils..
Why should we worry if oils are cheaper and adulterated?...To ensure high quality for aromatherapy, essential oil should be extracted from a single botanical species and once extracted nothing should be added - NO  added synthetic oils or alcohols should be found in your essential oils..This will simply lead to risk of serious skin irritation or sensitization due to an adverse reaction and simply fail to deliver the results you were trying to well as wasting your money!
Like our massage oils we will always include the Chemical Constituents that can be found in every oil - this will give you the relevant information you need when deciding whether the oil is suitable for you. Dont forget.. these constituents are not synthetic chemicals but what occur naturally in essential oils,these natural constituents are always at an extremely low concentration and are normally listed as the lowest concentration.
So there you go..if you are a professional, or at home blending, we have given you an can now start shopping for essential oils knowing you have every bit of relevant information you need for using the correct oils and in the appropriate way.

Important Info About Rosewood..
We will not be stocking Rosewood Essetial oil - to supply the demand for Rosewood EO, trees are being destroyed for production and are being harvested at an unsustainable rate. This is just a part of the more general problem of deforestation in the Amazon.
Many Aromatherapist and Companies are now finding alteratives,which is good..but its still not enough,and Im always surprised that I still come across it again again,especially being sold by 'aromtherapist',..., when we know the dangers (or should)...Demand is a pretty poor excuse, when there are other oils that can replace Rosewood.
You are of course free to make up your own mind and you reading regarding endangered species here Cropwatch
We are looking further into removing Sandalwood from our products - and will post more about this later - in the meantime Google 'sandalwood endangered speices' and you can make up your own mind!