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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How to make your own essential oil facial

Make your own Facials & Serums

Facial serums & Oils can give the skin added moisture and  boost the appearance of sluggish skin. Serums and oils are perfect when you need nutrients to reach deeper layers of your skin that a regular moisturizer is not able to reach.  You can apply the serum after your toner and before your moisturizer,but in some cases a moisturizer is not needed as there is plenty of  natural concentrated ingredients present to regenerate and moisturize
Making a simple yet effective facial oil is pretty straight forward. And the benefits on the skin are just as good as those you get from expensive products..and you get the added benefit of known exactly whats in your oil and how much!
The most important factor is that you understand your skin type before you start,this will ensure you get the right essential oil properties for your skin type...dont forget you skin type can change at any time,especially as the seasons change.

You should base your essential oil blend/recipes on one of four skin profiles; normal or combination skin; dry or mature skin; sensitive skin; oily or problem skin - check out our easy guide for more details.

I really believe its always best to use essential oils rather than the alternative harsh chemical synthetic oils that are  used in most mainstream cosmetic and skin care products Essential oils contain their very own natural  vitamins, and other natural elements . Even though the oils vary in concentration when in their natural form they are therapeutic in nature- synthetic oils can strip the skin of its natural oil,can make the skin irritate,sore and can damage the skin when used over a long period of time.
 Of course you dont always need essential oils to give your skin an boost or a deeply moisturing facial.
You can use 1 or more wonderful cold pressed oils.

Here is a fantastic Luxury Facial Oil using Cold pressed oils for Dry Skin
20ml Apricot Oil
10ml Olive Oil
10ml Plum Kernel Oil

Massage into skin day and night for a deeply moisturing treatment.

Here is a basic Facial Oil for Oily  to Normal Skins using essential oils

4 drops Lavender
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Ylang Ylnag
20ml Macadamia Oil
10ml Carrot Tissue Oil

Use in the same way as you would a daily moisturiser cream.
Avoid using Fractionated Coconut oil on the face as it can irritate the skin.
Some important points to remember.

Some essential oils are Photo toxicity, (photo sensitivity) being more responsive to light,
Sun sensitivity (photo toxicity) or otherwise also known as photosensitization occurs when certain essential oils, are used and they cause the skin to be more sensitive to sunlight (ultra violet - UV - light) and skin would therefore burn and damage more easily.
The main culprits causing photo toxicity are the oils from the citrus family
So avoid citrus oils when making your own leave on skin product.
Here is a list of those we recommend you avoid

  • Caraway

  • Citronella 

  • Cumin

  • Ginger  

  • Bergamot (Unless it is bergaptene-free oil )

  • Orange

  • Grapefruit

  • Lime

  • Lemon

  • See our essential oil safety for more details

    Always apply a test patch on skin before applying any oil,cream or lotion ...even if you have used the product in the past.
    NEVER apply undiluted essential oils directly to the skin except in an emergency; for example to cuts, burns or insect bites,and this only applies to certain essential oils.A single drop of undiluted Lavender, Tea Tree or Chamomile Roman oil can be used to soothe and protect from infection - but you should only apply them neat once or twice.