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Friday, 27 May 2011

Raw & Natural Butters Are Back...

Great News

Our raw and natural butters are now back in stock plus a fantastic new product 'Shea Butter Oil' (more about that later) We only stock Premium quality butters, which can be added to creams, lotions & massage oils. Natural Butters high in moisturising, protecting & healing properties .Use alone as a really fab moisturises. 

We have 3 cocoa butters on sale.
 The most popular - cocoa butter (food grade) which is widely available and favoured by those who make bath products such as melts and scrubs.

Then we have a Cocoa Virgin Butter which s cream in colour slightly darker than the usual cocoa butter and a little harder. Cold Pressed from the cocoa bean so you really do get a rich chocolate aroma.

Our Raw Dark Cocoa is heavenly...a strong rich cocoa butter - creamy rich dark and makes wonderful lip balms and butters. This particular butter can be found in our New Vanilla & Chocolate Massage & Bath Oil.
Cocoa butter is the perfect raw ingredient for those who wish to create a chocolate aroma product without using those nasty synthetic fragrances.

We now have Mango Butter back in stock
An exotic cold pressed soft butter with a melting point of 40-45°C that is gently refined and makes a wonderful rich moisturizer.
Loved in the beauty industry for its excellent softening and regenerative properties.  It is thought to be protective against UV rays. (although we do not recommend using as a sun screen) and has healing properties, soothes dry skin and blends well with Shea Butter to make a body butter.
Mango butter can help to reduce the degeneration of the skins cells and help to restore elasticity, and leave the skin looking radiant and only £4.95 for 100g.

Of course we could not bring back our raw butters and clays without offering everyone favourite
No refining
No bleach
Just Good honest Shea butter straight from the  fruit of the Shea Butter Tree  and whats more its Fairly Traded  - which  Supports a project which helps to support the communities in Ghana and it has gained NOP Organic and EU certification.Each Project helps ensure fair prices, good working conditions, sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

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