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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Homemade Body Sugar Scrub with Argan Oil

Easy to Make Body Scrubs with Sugar and Argan Oil

An easy to follow and make body sugar scrub idea.
A recipe to rejuvenate your skin and bring it back to life. The sugar is an excellent exfoliate to remove dead skin cells - leaving you skin soft and smooth
You can find the main ingredients on supermarket shelves and pick up the luxury extras that make it wonderful from for less than £8.00

You will need
One Cup of Brown Sugar 
30ml  Argan Oil 
and 4- 5 drops of Lavender essential oil.

Slowly mix the Argan Oil into the sugar slowly, stir to keep the consistency smooth. Add 4 drops of Lavender essential oil. You may also want to add additional ingredients to your scrubs like clays or aloe vera for its skin soothing properties or a small amount honey to improve the texture or your scrub. Dispense into sterilised PET or Glass Jar.

You can customise this recipe with any other skin loving cold pressed oils and essential oils However we do NOT recommend using  "fragrance oils" they are chemical loaded irritants that have no benefit for your skin.. other than to make you smell like a cherry a chocolate bar or even an Christmas alcoholic drink!! They can cause irritation or even allergic symptoms that can cause lasting skin damage. Always use essential oils which are true plant oils expressed by pressing or by steam distillation from the actual plants.

Store in a cool place or refrigerate and keep for no more than 3 weeks.  Don't forget no preservative have been used so if it looks or smells funny - make a new batch.

The above recipe is for personal use only and if you are making any scrubs or other cosmetics to sell or to give away to family and friends remember to ensure they are covered by a current safety assessment.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

ARGAN OIL - For your skin and hair care

Argan oil has some wonderful natural properties and can be used on most skin types,especially for those who's skin is mature and in need of some nourishment. With anti-ageing and restructuring properties coupled with a high Vitamin E content make it a wonderful skin and haircare product.
Cosmetic argan oil stimulated the blood circulation. It hydrated and revitalise the skin. Often found in expensive skin care. It helps to moisturise your skin. can help repair and strengthen nails and soften cuticle.

Great for Skin Care

  • Argan oil is a wonderful natural moisturiser
  • Safe for all ages and all skin types.
  • This oil has antimicrobial properties, making it great for the skin and lesions.
  • This product is easily absorbable by the skin. Because it does not contain any cholesterol, it does not leave any residue.
  • When applied regularly, it will reduce and prevent stretch marks from appearing on the skin’s surface.
  • Argan oil regulates and keeps the pH balance of the skin normal.
  • It reduces skin inflammation and can help several skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • It is also effective in helping to eliminate scars produced from chicken pox and burns.

Great for hair care too!

  • Argan oil properties effectively repairs damaged hair – whether from chemicals or the natural elements.
  • Ideal as a serum to  moisturise dry and frizzy hair instantly upon application.
  • Helps prevent split ends.
  • Can restore shine in dull-looking hair.
Use is as a luxury massage oil with your favourite essential oils

Argan Oil for Superb Massages

  • Because this oil is light, long-lasting, and known to be an oil with low acidity and high stability, it is easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Cab help alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Can help to relieve muscle cramping and restless leg syndrome.
Add 2% Neroli oil essential oil to 50ml Argan Oil for an uplifting facial oil

Colour Light Golden - Dark
Natural Contents
Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E Vitamin A, Vitamin B1,
Fatty Acids Oleic - 42.8% Stearic - 6%  Palmitic - 12.0% Linoleic - 36.8% Linolenic - <0.5%%

This month we are giving away 100ml Argan Oil - see our competition page for more details.