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Friday, 6 April 2012

New Essential Oils For Spring

As well as bringing back some of our favourite essential oils we have some new and exciting essential oils for you to try.

Ambrette seed Extract is back. Also known as muskmallow or muskseed. Used as vegetable alternative to musk in aromatic blends.  Has a sweet musky aroma and, being a very pure CO2 extract, has great aromatic clarity. Can be used to help lift the spirits  help with nervousnous and muscular aches and pains.

Something new Fragonia Essential Oil Fragonia is distilled from a small shrub found on the south coast of Australia commonly called ‘coarse tea-tree’ . It is said that Fragonia oil can help with emotions, bringing peace and calm. Has balancing properties and can be used in aromatherapy for pain relieving massage.Its Topically applied  its antibacterial properties may aid in the healing of cuts, bites, stings and minor burns. 

Use in shampoos for a fresh zing that releases tensions and gives mental clarity 

Makes a beautiful oil for burning in a vaporiser in the home.

Frangipani Absolute back in stock A sweet with subtle fruity notes with deep, richly intense floral tones.Beautiful blended as a perfume oil to use alone or for a more exotic and sensual mix add along side jasmine.

Marigold Absolute./ Calendula Absolute known for its soothing action makes it ideal in creams, oils, and powders for babies. Useful for babies bottoms (dilute 1% well in cream). Can be used in insect bite preparations.

We source our oils from the very best suppliers,and purity and quality is very important to us,we promote the use of Therapeutic Essential oil and the great benefits of Aromatherapy

Every oil now carries a label with ALL the information you need to use your oils safely. The normal and usual information about Origin & Batch are listed but each oil will also include skin suitability,a complete chemical breakdown and the maximum use in blends..some will also include handy tips and advice.

For more advice on using essential oils please see our safe guide to using essential oils

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