Belenos Therapy

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Great Looking Skin For Under £15.00

It doesn't take much time or money to ensure your skin is kept in tip top fact many of the cold pressed oils found at Belenos Therapy have multiple uses from treating face and hair to nails and cracked heals.You maybe surprised to know that one bottle of 100ml Rosehip seed oil can treat so many different areas and skin complaints.

Our skin is the largest organ in the body absorbing up to 60% of what is applied so this means that most of what you put onto our skin is absorbed.Our skin is designed protect and it is  first line of defence against bacteria and virus.

We have all experienced at some point tight dry skin. Usually after sleepless night, too much stress over indulgence or due to to much alcohol. Since the skin is the biggest organ it becomes dehydrated...its a large thirsty organ.You can reduce this by reducing your daily intake of white sugar refined foods and  fizzy drinks.
Avoid leaving make up on at night and try and get a couple of days a week where you don't apply any make-up..leave your skin free to breath. And always ensure you have clean pillow cases.

Food can act as a great source to balance to your skins appearance ..the brighter the fruit the better caretonoid-rich foods such as carrot juice and tomato will enhance the quality of your skin. Oils such as Avocado Oil, Hemp seed ,Evening primrose and Olive can be excellent for dryness and dull skin. Use them as part of your skin care routine or increase their use in your diet.

Although sometimes we overload by externally consuming too much, which can have a damaging effect on our skin we are often using skin care products that are damaging too and we don't even realise.
Many popular shower gels shampoos and moisturisers and soaps,even when they are labelled as 'gentle''natral' or pure are usually packed with chemicals they can be harsh on skin and can make skin conditions.You don't need Parabens or SLS in skin care to make it a wonderful skin care product. By changing you usually skin care product to paraben and  SLS free products you are reducing the over load of chemicals.(see paraben free blog)

If you have always used high cost high end products you may find it difficult to believe that for under £15.00 you really can get exactly what you need to promote healthy glowing skin.Changing from conventional products to natural benefits can have wonderful effects on some users skin and once they have tried the natura way there is no other way,some will not experience any changes but for as little as .£ worth a try!

There are 3 main natural products that are needed.

1. Water - your skin needs water.Ensusre your are always hydrated inside and out.
2.Cleansing - you don't need fancy brands you can use a natural floral waters.
Floral waters  when used as a facial toner serve three essential purposes:
  • they remove any dirt or residue
  • they re balance the skin pH
  • they infuse the skin with plant ingredients to fight skin complaints such as ageing, blemishes, redness and acne
3.Moisturise - Using Natural Rosehip seed oil as a moisturiser is the best pure oil you can give your thirsty skin. It is contains not artificial chemicals or fragrance and is perfect for fine line,delicate eye area. You can even use it to condition your dry hands and condition nails.